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APC offers free clinics for those new to the sport, as well as beginner, intermediate and advanced players on a weekly basis throughout the year.  The clinics are taught by club volunteers who are PPR certified and take place during the day, evening and weekend, so you have a lot of options.   The clinics are very popular and fill up fast, so if you're interested sign up immediately!

First of all, you should have an idea of your pickleball ability level/rating.  The pickleball community has a numeric ability rating scheme (much like tennis ratings, or a golf handicap).  We use a scale of 1 to 5 to rate a player's ability:

1.0: novice, playing for the first time

2.0: beginner, some familiarity with the game

2.5: advanced beginner, can play a basic game with players of similar ability

3.0: intermediate, beginning competitive play

3.5: advanced intermediate, competitive play

4.0: advanced

5.0: professional

The complete definition of the rating system, along with the traits of each ability level may be found at

Now that you have an idea of your ability rating, take a look below to see which level clinic best suits you.

For those new to the sport of pickleball:  Open to both non-members and members of APC, free introductory classes are held weekly.  Go to the Events Calendar to pre-register for the class.

For C-level players (beginners and 2.5 rating):  Open to APC members only, these free clinics are held weekly at times suitable for both retirees and for those who are still working.  Scheduled clinics are posted one month in advance.  Go to the Events Calendar to view the schedule and sign up.

For all other levels (3.0, 3.5, 4.0):  Open to APC members only, 3.0 and 3.5 clinics are held once per week and will focus on technique.  4.0 clinics will be held at least monthly through the clinic season.  The 4.0 clinics will focus more on advanced strategy and coaching.  Demand will drive the frequency and scheduling of these clinics.
  Emails with clickable sign-up links are sent out to all members one week in advance with information about when and where the clinics will be held the following week.  These clinics are listed on our Events Calendar a week in advance and are very popular.

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