Annapolis Pickleball Club

Our History

Founded in 2013

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The Annapolis Pickleball Club (APC) was founded on January 19, 2013 by Gene Severns and Josh Ellenbogen at Pip Moyer Recreation Center.  In three years, we grew from 15 to more than 120 members and had become a permanent presence at Pip Moyer and outside at Truxtun Park.  In 2017, we established a core leadership team of Joy Goldberg, Elia Howser, Diana Crompton, Laurie Barlow, Dave Alexander, and Phyllis Emmett who 1) launched free clinics for the club's members, 2) started a ladder league (under Ronda Martinez's leadership), and 3) secured an agreement with the city and tennis community to include six dedicated pickleball courts as part of the renovation of Truxtun Park planned for the following year.

The Board of Directors was established in 2018.   Its first members were Tony Martinnez, Greg Klar, Diana Crompton, Eenee Ferrano, Nick Pessagno, Frank Quigley, and Tom Shupe, all of whom put the club on a path of explosive growth.  Over the course of the next several years, the club obtained its non-profit status, added more indoor and outdoor courts to our list of available playing venues, established a beginner ladder league, and sponsored the Mayor's Tournament and the Ambassador's Tournament.  We also started rating clinics and began inviting pickleball pros to conduct clinics. 

The club is now more than 2,000 members and growing rapidly.  Our primary goal is to develop more venues so that our members continue to enjoy and improve at this wonderful sport.


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Annapolis Pickleball Club is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization located at 1011 Bay Ridge Ave. #118,  Annapolis, MD  21403

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