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Welcome to Pickleball!

Whether you are new to the sport, or want to refresh your skills, the Beginners’ Group offers something for everyone.

We have a lot of exciting offerings for Beginner players. 

Each of the classes below are described in more detail on the Events Calendar.  Pre-registration is required for each of the classes.

  • APC Introduction to Pickleball classes are available for a minimal charge to anyone interested in learning the basics of the sport.
  • Foundational Skill clinics, offered to APC members only, for a non-refundable fee per clinic
      1. Dinking (recommended first clinic)
      2. Groundstrokes (Forehand & Backhand)
      3. Serve & Return
      4. Drops & Drives
      • Situational Skill Clinics (APC members only ; non-refundable fee)
      1. Approaching the Non-Volley Zone (NVZ)
      2. Controlling the Non-Volley Zone
      3. Dealing with Bangers
      4. You've Been Lobbed
      • Competition Prep Clinics (offered to APC member teams preparing for 2.5/3.0 or Social Level Tournaments; non-refundable fee)
      1. Moving as a Team
      2. Communicating with Your Partner
      3. Aggressive Serve & Return
      4. Advanced Drills

      We offer the APC Team Reach App called "PAL Park Pickleball", which is open to APC members only Members communicate using the Free TeamReach App.  

      In an effort to streamline Open Play communications and eliminate duplication, a decision has been made to sunset the APC Beginner's TeamReach code (11020) on January 31,2024. 

      Please join the TeamReach code for the PAL group at #21403 if you haven't already. 

      We will continue to serve as the APC Beginner Liaisons and PAL Ambassadors (though each one of you serves as an APC Ambassador  ). 

      If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us.

      We are looking forward to meeting you. See you on the pickleball court!

      Dianne DeFusco and Karen Taylor

      Learn by watching: Informative Pickleball Videos

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