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Open Play Protocol

Sign-Up Board Player Group Level

1.     To sign-up to play, please write your name in a block and mark an A, B, C or N in the top corner of the block and circle it. This indicates your skill level so that people of similar skill levels can play together.

2.     If you are a new member to the club, please put “new” beside your name so our members can introduce themselves to you and help you get acquainted.

DUPR Rating



3.75 - 4.25+



3.25 - 3.74



2.75 - 3.24



2.00 - 2.74



For guidance on self-assessment go to:


EACH INDIVIDUAL SHOULD PUT THEIR OWN NAME ON THE BOARD - This allows each member the ability to select the game he/she wants to play in. 

       Your name can only be in one square at a time.

       You may choose to skip a square or more if you want to sit out.

       You may sign up with other player(s), as long as all players are off the courts and agree to play with you.

       When your “square” goes on a court, cross out that square on the whiteboard.

       The players in next square will play on the next empty court.

       That square must be filled before any other square can play.

       The winning team from a completed game gets to sign up first on the whiteboard after leaving the court.

       Since there are concerns about beginner and advanced options, the APC board allows you to sign up with people of like ability.

       Be honest about your level of play.


       If a member asks you to put their name on the board, you can do so only if you have their permission and they are off the court.

       There may be times where skill levels need to mix together because there aren’t four of one particular skill level present. Please be kind and gracious if this should happen.

       If a foursome wants to sign up to play together, they can do so by putting their four names in a box, even if there is an incomplete box already on the board, however, that group may not go out ahead of anyone waiting for other players to complete their foursome (The only exception to this is if the people waiting give that group permission to go ahead.)

Be kind. Be respectful. Have fun!

Revised 2023

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