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Pickleball Warmup Exercises

Courtesy of PIP Moyer’s Darci Scaringe, Personal Trainer

1.   Foot/Ankle Circles – 10–15 rotations, both directions, both feet
2.   Foot Lateral rolls – 5-10 repetitions, both sides, both feet
3.   Foot Ball Bounce (calf raises) – 15-20 repetitions, slow and then rapid.  If stretch is needed/deeper steps
4.   Bent leg swings, 15-20 repetitions, both legs - pull the leg up and back, don’t let momentum do it for you!
5.   Straight leg swings, 15-20 repetitions, both legs – pull the leg up and back, don’t let momentum do it for you
6.   Knee hip circles, 10-15 repetitions, both legs, both directions
7.   Arm circles, small to large, one arm at a time, forward and backward, full range of motion, both arms
8.   Internal and external humerus rotation, with or without paddle, both arms
9.   Windmills and shoulder rolls both forward and backward
10. Cardio – Side or jumping jacks and laterals

Benefits of a Pre-Exercise Warm Up!

1. It increases body temperature

Hemoglobin and myoglobin are proteins responsible for delivering oxygen throughout the body.

Increases in body temperature spike their oxygen-delivering activity and flushes your body with healthy oxygen essential to an effective workout session.

2. It promotes blood flow to the muscles

Blood flow to the muscles ensures your muscles are well fed, warm, more elastic and pumped with nutrients and energy to engage in and sustain exercise.

It makes the muscles and joints more workable. Healthy circulation enables the muscles and joints to engage in motion easily, thus allowing for a variety of exercises.

3. It improves performance

Warming up before exercising significantly improves performance, and there is little to no evidence to suggest that it is harmful in any way, according to a 2010 study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

4. It makes the nerves more sensitive

It improves nerve sensitivity and triggers an increase in the amount of nerve impulses.

This simply means that warming up boosts your motor skills, allowing for better coordination between what your brain wants to do and what your muscles and body ultimately perform.

5. It prepares your heart for the impending exertion

Since the heart is responsible for pumping oxygen-rich blood throughout the body, a warm-up allows the heart ample time to adjust to the body’s increasing demand for oxygen.

6. It significantly reduces the chances of injury

Stretching and warm-up exercises before workouts significantly prevent injuries, according to a 2007 study published in Sports Medicine.

When you lift a heavy load like weights, your muscles tighten up in order to gain enough strength to be able to lift the weight, and your body releases fluid to lubricate them after. Since the muscles are situated one on top of the other, they need adequate lubrication to prevent tearing during the constant contraction and relaxation that occurs during exercise.

If you warm up first, your body will secrete enough fluid to protect your muscles when engaging in more strenuous exercises.

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