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Open Play Schedule

(as of March 18, 2023)

This schedule is subject to change. Please subscribe to the "Open Play Schedule Exceptions Forum"  and the TeamReach Mobile Application for late breaking news (the group code is "Hilltop").

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Indoor Play

Pip Moyer Recreation Center  

Consult the Open Play Calendar and the TeamReach mobile application using the group codes listed on the  Communicating with other members page for the most current schedule information.

The PIP Moyer Rec Center is again open for pickleball play.  The center is open from 6 am to 8 pm daily, although subject to change, We may play pickleball in the Auxiliary Gym typically from 6am to 2pm and on Court #3,  except when there are conflicts with other rec center events, such as youth basketball.  We will attempt to lock in a weekly schedule and communicate changes to the membership.

  1. You must be a rec center member, or pay the daily drop-in fee in order to play.
  2. Reservations are not needed. There are no capacity limits at the rec center.
  3. Please share the courts with your fellow members by following our normal rotation, using the signup board, and the A/B/C rating scheme.
  4. Exceptions to the weekly schedule will be communicated via the Open Play Exceptions forum on the web site and the TeamReach mobile application. Please subscribe to this forum and use the TeamReach app to receive notifications.
  5. The best case for available hours are Monday: open - 2pm , Tuesday: open - 2pm , Wednesday: open - 2pm, Thursday: open - 2pm  Friday: open -  2pm, Saturday TO BE DETERMINED, Sunday TO BE DETERMINED. We will be allowed to use the aux gym and court #3 or both according to availability. Weekend play hours will be announced via the TeamReach app on a weekly basis once they have been determined.  This is based upon scheduling of other activities at the rec center.
  6. Other rec center events and rentals may preclude or limit our open play hours. We will communicate such changes when we hear about them.

Outdoor Play

Truxtun Park


6 dedicated pickleball courts, open play for all levels using the A/B/C skill level rating scheme.

8 hybrid tennis/pickleball courts (the Club has provided portable nets for these courts, which are stored in the orange or black locker box). These courts are suggested to be used for 3.5+ level play, singles play and drills. There is a separate signup board for these courts. Four of the pickleball courts are lighted for night play.

Open play daily from 7:00 am – dusk

Note: the club does NOT have any reservations / permits for these courts. They are open to all for play, not just club members. However, we expect that club members will follow our open play protocol. Please invite players who are not club members to join in, but understand that non-members may use the courts in the manner deemed acceptable by the Annapolis Parks and Recreation administration. These rules are stated on signs posted around the court entrances.


LADDER LEAGUE uses all of the courts on designated ladder days. Please consult the event calendar to see when the ladder league is playing.

SKILLS & DRILLS CLINICS use 2 Lower courts and Court #7 from time to time. Please check the Events calendar for Clinic dates and times.Pre-registration online is required for Clinic sessions.

Bestgate Park

Suggested: OPEN PLAY, 3.5+ level, singles and drilling during morning hours until 11:00 am, all levels of play the remainder of the day – 4 PB Courts

Open play daily from 7:00 am – dusk. Please use the White Board and note your skill level (A, B, C) when signing up.
Courts available on a first-come, first served basis.


LADDER LEAGUE may use some of these courts, consult the Event Calendar for details. 

PAL (Peninsula) Park

Suggested: OPEN PLAY, beginner through 3.0 level play – 4 PB Courts

Open play daily from 7:00 am – dusk

Courts available on first-come, first-served basis.

For beginners and those new to the club, consult the Beginner Play page for help in setting up your first open play sessions.

Cypress Creek Park (Severna Park)
Suggested: OPEN PLAY, all levels – 6 PB Courts
Open play daily from 7:00 am – 10:00 pm
Courts available on first-come, first-served basis.

The courts are lighted for night play.


High school tennis (Severn School) often uses these courts.

Other Anne Arundel County Parks

Annapolis Pickleball Club does not organize any open play sessions at these parks, but they are available County resources that can be used on a first-come-first-served basis.  Court usage rules are established by Anne Arundel County.

Severn Danza Park

There are 4 PB courts on 2 tennis courts. Portable nets required.

*No club nets or balls available at this site – BYO

Mago Vista, Arnold 

There are 6 Pickleball courts on 3 tennis courts. Portable nets required

*No club nets or balls available at this site – BYO

Sawmill Creek, Glen Burnie 

1 PB Court using tennis net with PB lines painted

Waterbury Park, Crownsville

1 PB Court using tennis net with PB lines painted

Lake Waterford, Pasadena

1 dedicated PB court with permanent net

1 blended tennis/PB court with tennis net.

All of the county courts are open to the public, available first come, first served (unless a group has that time reserved with a paid county permit.) 

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