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Ball Machine questions

  • 10/21/2022 9:10 PM
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    Dear Confused,

    There is a difference between ball machine sessions and slots.  

    Sessions (A and B) are held on Thursdays, on the lower courts at Truxtun. Three members per session, with members signing up in advance.  The letters do not refer to skill level; they designate the first session and the second session.

    Slots are something new. Tuon Thompson has been manning the ball machine on the upper, blended courts at Truxtun on certain days of the week. Members show up and rotate in. No sign up is necessary. He posts on TeamReach to let people know when the ball machine will be available.  

    There is no limit on how many times a month, or week, that a member is allowed to use the ball machine,

    I hope this answers your questions.  (Tuon, please chime in if any of this information is incorrect!)

  • 10/20/2022 2:02 PM
    Message # 12961598


    Ball machine sessions vs slots? Are these the same thing?  If so, each member is only allowed to use the ball machine 1 time each month?

    Also Session A & B?  Is that referring to skill level? I do not see a C session listed so I am assuming not but want to be sure before I sign up.

    Many thanks!

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